Reach Your Potential Customers with Multi-channel-Ad

No matter which channel or device your customer uses, you can create a seamless and personally relevant experience for them by using our multi-channel ads service. Just signup with us and improve your customer engagement to maximize the performance of your brand.

Reach your future customers with the right marketing!

Multi-Channel Ads are the Powerful Tool Needed to

Increase Your Brand Reach

Attracting more and more customers toward the brand is one of the primary goals of every company. Doing this is possible by running ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, etc. So brands can come in front of the right audience.

Gain Your Competitive Advantage

Currently, the online market is highly competitive and overcrowded due to which the customer has a lot of options, so there are chances that it can choose your competitor. But you can overcome your competitors by using multi-channel ads. Multi-channel ads allow you to seize the opportunities as soon as they present themselves.

Increase Sales and Revenue

Every business’s end goal is to generate more and more sales and then ultimately increase revenue. This thing is possible by using multi-channel ads. Usually, a customer acquired through a multi-channel campaign spends four times more than a customer acquired through a single-channel campaign.

Improve Audience Engagement

Multi-channel marketing allows businesses to build a presence across different platforms, due to which it became easy for audiences to interact with the brands. With multi-channel campaigns can quickly answer customer questions and solve their problems.

Search Result Traffic

With multi-channel marketing, you can run campaigns across different search engines like Google and Bing. So when anyone searches for a particular term related to your business, you will come to the top of search results, and there are high chances that people will visit your site.

Retargeting and Marketing

With multi-channel ads, brands can easily retarget and remarketed to the consumers. Moreover, most of the consumers want an integrated approach. They wish that brands and businesses provide them a very seamless user experience.

Local Marketing

If your business only operates locally, then also you can take advantage of multi-channel marketing. You can run an ad campaign on Google maps, due to which your Google listing will always come on top, and you can acquire more and more local customers for your business.

Advertised on Radio and TV

Sometimes there are chances that instead of using social media, your consumer prefers the traditional entertainment method like TV and Radio. So with multi-channel advertisements, you can run your video and audio ads on both radio and television.

Track Results

Understanding analytics is essential to properly implement any marketing strategy. With multi-channel ads, you will get all information like tracking responses, opening rates, engagements. All this information will help you to which platform provides better results and which type of ad works the best.

Multi-Channel Ad Campaigns Ran and Managed by Brand Splash

Running Multi-Channel Ad Campaigns is quite a difficult and time taking process. Proper research and specialization are required for running successful ad campaigns across different platforms. So we at BrandSplash provide the full multi-channel ad solution to you. We will create eye-catching ads and runs them across the various channels to provide the best ROI.

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